Lemar the octopus

to start the task that we were given we cut the project into more manageable chunks to priorities workflow, I chose to fully create and animated the character Lemar the octopus. the story was already simple and easy enough to do in the early stages so that we would have more time to fully explore and experiment with the models.

I researched the north pacific octopus as it was one of the biggest and most striking of them while also being recognisable.

(list image sources and documentaries)


I ran into multiple problems when making the octopus continuously thorough-out this project. As it turns out; choosing an eight legged creature that can squash into any shape is not as easy as it might seem.

While struggling get to grips with my own stupidity I decided to jump in head first into modeling little old lemar.


n-hair with a beginning head model.


nope: I don’t think glowing tentacles will do very well

to try help with all the  proportions and movement I started to look at how it has already been done in the past.

maybe not quite the result I wanted but onward.

after having slightly more experience with MAYA I got to work on a full mesh of the character.



then getting to grips with some rigging as I made all the arms IK joints which proved to move rather well at the time, until I did some more research into the movements of octopus and realising that it moved in the complete opposite way it was meant to .


(video of octopus movement )


I though it would be a good idea continue to remodel the octopus until it looked normal. The picture below is just proof I am sill failing quite badly at this.




I did a bit more research into more examples of how other artist who did the same before me. I found that the big eyes and smooth tentacles within the same mesh would add to the character exponentially.


same model just rigged and fully lit.



I decided to redo the whole character with much more knowledge of the software. To start but using the reference picture strictly to help me  better understand the shape of the head. I then extruded along curves to make the tentacles, making them feel more natural.



At this stage it was looking too much like a toy so i though adding more details to help better flesh out the character.




maybe one more remodel after doing more research.


I could not have hoped for a better result. especially with the AI skin.


using the lattice to help with movement proved unsuccessful as it distorts the mesh too much.


my lecturer Alac helped me understand AK joints and how to use its heritage connections within the joints to cause them to move in a fully controllable fluid motion.

18012664_1706555732707835_1231287843_othis is not fully done






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